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Student Testimonials

"William is an amazing vocal teacher. Within my training, he creates such a professional atmosphere and has truly shown me that he cares about his students. After just a few lessons, my vocal technique improved tremendously and I wholeheartedly feel that I am growing as a performer because of him. Definitely learning from the best!"

Elisa Tarquinio
BFA NYU Tisch '22

"After working with William, I connected to the song more than I've ever done.  His teaching lives in technique but allows you to free yourself and be in the moment.  Having been through a couple of voice coaches, William brought to the table many different exercises to combat the rudimentary routine of warming up and practicing.  If you have a chance, definitely study with William as you discover things in your voice you never knew you had."

Shannon Ignatius
MFA Boston Conservatory '19
BFA Berklee College of Music '16

“Taking voice lessons with William Eastland expanded my entire world in regards to knowledge about myself. I constantly found myself integrating the techniques he taught me into my work as an actor. I felt the range of my voice, speaking and singing-wise, expanding beyond that which I originally thought possible. His investment in me as a young artist in the process of discovering my voice is touching and endearing and something I will never forget in the span of my career."

Daelin Elzie
BFA NYU Tisch '22

Will is my favorite music teacher I’ve ever had. I studied with him for several years, and in that time we worked on theory (classical and jazz), piano, ear training, composition/arranging, and voice. Will was always willing to talk about whatever specific topic I wanted to work on, but he also came prepared with lessons in ear training, theory, etc, which helped me develop a more well-rounded skillset. He is always very friendly, but also very professional. I feel that my time studying with Will greatly prepared me for future endeavors as a composer and musician, and I would highly recommend him as a teacher.

Noah Godard
18-yr old composer, pianist, oboist, and Juilliard student

Will is a deeply skilled and well-rounded teacher who really knows how to connect with kids in both individual and group settings. My son Noah studied with Will from elementary through middle school, receiving highly customized lessons and mentorship in voice, piano, music theory, and composition, which profoundly shaped Noah’s journey as a young musician and composer. My daughter Maya worked with Will as a vocal and acting coach, as well as a director and music director for several theatre productions, and she deeply valued his talented guidance and accessible approach. Our family feels very fortunate that Will played such a large role in our kids’ formative years - he helped instill a deep love for the arts and provided lessons they will take with them forever.

Kristen Godard, parent

"I learned that I had a lot more range than I thought I did" Quinn, 9 years old

"I learned how to have fun when I sing" Gresham, 8 years old

"I learned a lot of technique and have a new favorite Disney song" Devon, 10 years old

"I learned about the chromatic scale this summer"Abhay, 10 years old

What young students are learning...

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